South Carolina Special Needs

2015-2016 Officers Left to Right:
Fran Kalk, Past President
Mike Yelton, President Elect
Cheryl Roycroft, President
Marcelle Boland, Sec/Treas.

Thank you to our Special Needs Division Day presenters at the Education and Business Summit.

SCACTE Special Needs Vision for Tomorrow—
Our open discussion on how Special Needs Division can help serve you better was attended well and served as a great information session and how our division can better assist others in their daily positions.
Presenter: President Cheryl Roycroft

ROW—(Richland One Works) —
Richland One’s innovative program and how it works. Presenter: Randy Evans (Special Ed Consultant), Paige Griffin (Victory Works), Dell Hayes (Transition Advisor)

“Google Goodies" -
Using Google Docs and Forms to provide data for IEPs, Student Assessments, Behavior Documentation, Bully Prevention and stress free recording. using Google Documents and Forms can benefit you, your school and your valuable time. Presenter: Marcelle Boland

Thank you to all who attended the EB Summit this year. It was a great conference and if you were unable to attend this year we hope you will consider to attend next year. We had great attendance at our sessions and look forward to next year June 26-29, 2016.

Please let us know issues that you would like to discuss or how we can help you in your professional work with special needs students.

Please invite others to join SCACTE and consider being a member or an associate member of the Special Needs Division. Everyone working in education works with special needs students. Please consider joining our division.

The SCSN Division Day at the 2012 Education Business Summit consisted of four sessions relevant to a cross-section of educators.  Kathy Gray shared “Tools for Transition” used by Lexington/Richland School District Five in their district transition program. Afterwards, an excellent lunch was provided in Hall 1 with the opportunity to see exhibits.   

After lunch, Mike Parris and Travis Cash informed the audience about “Common Ground Coffee Shop at Enoree Career Center” which is a training-based enterprise that allows students to gain skills to manage a successful business and develop proper business ethics.    Michelle Parker gave participants information needed to start their own coffee café or several other similar enterprises. 

A short business meeting followed.  The officers for 2012-13 are:
President: Fran Kalk
President-Elect: Jody Yarbrough
Secretary/Treasurer: Marcelle Boland
Past President: Randy Evans

The members discussed the need to expand the Division Day offerings to involve more diverse special needs groups rather than focusing primarily on special education. 

The next session was a presentation by Marcelle Boland, Fran Kalk, and Claudine Casey entitled “Managing a Technology-Rich, Engaged Learning Environment and Oral Testing.”  Websites for cost-effective software Audacity and Quia were shared.  Linda Padgett wrapped up the presentation with comments on how her students have benefitted.

After a break with exhibitors, Loyd Dennis shared information on “Transitioning Students from School to Work and Record Keeping with CTECS.”  She explained how she uses the CTECS software to record the number of student hours in unpaid and paid internships for the Occupational credential, a non-diploma program.  The group discussed how that software would benefit other programs that must document specific hours such as Nursing Assisting and Cosmetology.

Jody Yarbrough, President-Elect; Fran Kalk, President; Marcelle Boland, Secretary/Treasurer; Cheryl Roycroft, Past President; Randy Evans, Immediate Past President.

The 2011 Education and Business Summit was a wonderful professional development for all that attended.  The Special Needs Division was honored to have wonderful speakers that offered much information and motivation.  On Tuesday, June 28th,  our Division Day, we had the Victory Program from Richland One, leaders Patricia Bundy and Paige Griffin came and shared the positive work they are doing with Special Needs students 18-21 years old.  Also, highlighted was the Richland One Works (ROW)  program and their helping students transition to the world of work and being successful employees in the community.

In the afternoon, we were treated to “Stressed/Desserts” with Alyce Kemp-DeWitt.  She brought her baby Zoe with her. We laughed, cried and shared together.  Ms. Dewitt is such a delight to hear and how she overcame multiple tragedies in her life and found “desserts” each day. She has been able to share with others and help them through her many years at the SC Mental Health Department and speaking engagements for associations, churches and civic meetings.

The following information goes with the three pictures attached

2011-2012 SCACTE

 Special Needs Division Officers

 SC Special Needs Officers

Randy Evans, President (center)   


Fran Kalk, President-Elect (right) 


Marcelle Boland, Sec./Treas. (Left) 


Cheryl Roycroft,  (not pictured)

Past President

SC Special Needs guest speakers

Pictured: (L-R)Randy Evans,  Patricia Bundy, Principal-Sherry Rivers, Paige Griffin, Rosemary Sanders,  Cleve Pilot, Dean of Students

Alyce Kemp-DeWitt with Zoe

 Ms. Alyce Kemp-Dewitt and  Zoe