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June 2013

Our annual membership meeting of the South Carolina Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences at the Education, as a division of the South Carolina Association of Career and Technical Educator (SCACTE) at their Education and Business Summit (EBS) on June 24, 2013 was an up-lifting event, as usual. It was great to see both familiar and new faces at our productive and informative division day session. Our state Education Associate, Dr. Eleanor Glover, provided her ever-present cheerful guidance and abundance of classroom materials. Insightful up-dates, both local and national, as well as the obligatory elections were conducted by president, Jessica Carswell. The new board, from wide-spread areas of the state, representing us for 2013-14 and their contact information is provided below:

President: Kimberley Myers, Horry County;; also, SCACTE Board of Directors member as the Vice President of the FACS division, and State Contact for the National Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (NATFACS)

President-Elect: Jodi Durkee, Anderson 5; also EBS Planning Committee member

Past-President: Jessica Barnett Carswell, Richland One; ; also serves on our Awards/Nomination Committee

Secretary: Catina Thomas, Richland One;

Treasurer: Jenny O’Brien, Anderson 5 Career Center; ; also on Finance Committee

State Legislative Committee: Jennifer O’Connell, Lexington 1

Publicity Committee: Jean Pesce, Aiken County

Membership Committee: Loretta Oliver Brown, Marlboro


Following the formal business portion of our meeting, a presentation about our youth organization, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, was graciously offered by Genesis Lang and Durrell Riley. “Join FCCLA : Ultimate Leadership Experience!” provided an overview of the organization, its benefits for students and our programs. This opened up a dialogue among attendees regarding questions and experiences with the organization, and suggestions on starting a chapter. There was also news that the SCFCCLA website ( is back up with basic information, soon to be in full operation.


Thanks to Ms Myers, during the Summit arrangements were also made to enhance our professional perspectives with two relevant site visits. A morning visit to the Montessori School of Maudlin with the director-owner, Samantha Vejay, was offered for first-hand observations of that well-known philosophy on early childhood education in practice. Later that afternoon, a guided tour of the food science department at Clemson University was available. The wide-variety of lucrative career avenues offered by the department, from farm to human consumption, definitely shone a new light to how we can, along the Summit’s theme, “CommuniCATE” the relevance of our field of study in the family and consumer sciences.


It was rewarding to be in attendance at the final general session of the EBS to see recognitions bestowed upon our members. Here are some photos from that session and other moments during the conference. The recognitions presented by SCATE were to:

Jessica Carswell, Outstanding New Career and Technical Educator Award winner for her professional accomplishments as a new food science and dietetics teacher

Ira Hill, CATECares Award winner for community projects with his culinary arts students

Kimberly Myers, Outstanding Career and Technical Educator Award nominee  

Congratulations to them! We are all so proud of their accomplishments.

We look forward to a productive and rewarding year for our members. Please let us know your thoughts and needs so we can act as a resource for each other. Best regards to all!

Jessica Carswell
Jessica Carswell
Ira Hill        
 Ira Hill
Kimberly Myers

SCATFACS Division Board (left to right)

Loretta Brown: Membership Committee
Jean Pesce: Publicity Committee:

Catina Thomas: Secretary

Patricia Neal: State Legislative Committee

Jennifer O’Connell: State Legislative Committee

Jenny O’Brien: Treasurer:

Jodi Durkee: President-Elect

Kimberley Myers: President

Jessica Barnett Carswell: Past-President



Members Susan Clark and Vickie Olsen, SCATFACS President, Kim Myers, State Education Associate, Dr. Eleanor Glover   


Keynote speaker, Ken Carter,
with Dr. Eleanor Glover

Greetings From SCATFACS!

Greetings to all of you on behalf of the South Carolina Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (SCATFACS)!

 We are an organization dedicated to serving and supporting South Carolina’s Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teachers. We intend to accomplish this goal by keeping our membership informed of new policies, opportunities, and trends in FACS and Career and Technology Education (CATE). We are excited about our coming year and the projects that we have planned to support you. We invite you to explore our organization and what we have to offer.

SCATFACS is a division of the South Carolina Association of Career and Technical Education (SCACTE) and Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). We encourage all FACS teachers to join ACTE, SCACTE, and SCATFACS.

  Benefits of membership include:

       ·         Insight into showcase, learning, and leadership opportunities for students.

      ·         Professional development and advocacy opportunities.

      ·         Access to a rich network of CATE and FACS professionals.

      ·         Daily updates on new policies.

      ·         Insight into what other states’ CATE programs are doing.

      ·         1 million dollar professional liability insurance policy.

      ·         Exciting conferences and workshops.

      ·         Leadership opportunities.


Visit for more information on ACTE.

Visit for more information on SCACTE and SCATFACS.

 Please respond to me directly at if you have questions or would like to join. We look forward to serving you!

Mrs. Jessica Barnett Carswell, M.Ed.

President, SCATFACS

Eleanor Glover, Education Associate
Eleanor Glover
Education Associate
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