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These amendments will be voted on at the Education and Business Summit!

President’s Message

Jackie Cooley-FingerGreetings SCACTE Family,

As we all begin to see the end of the 2015-2016 school year, it is imperative that we look back at the successes and impacts we made on the students in South Carolina. Not only will the students leave our school houses and career centers with more knowledge but with lifetime memories of those “extra” things we did that often matter the most. One important factor that I’ve learned in planning a wedding this year is that it’s the small details that matter most. This is the same for our students – the small “extras” matter most and will be remembered a lifetime.

It has definitely been a year for me to make a difference in the lives of others. I am grateful for these opportunities and the opportunity to serve as your SCACTE President. The South Carolina CATE team has proven to me to be the most dedicated, not only to students but also to the CATE educators in our state. The collaboration and support of the South Carolina Department of Education creates endless opportunities for South Carolina CATE students and educators. With that being said, I hope to see you at the Education and Business Summit in June as our state department, state associations/divisions, and state business leaders bring us yet another opportunity to connect education to careers. See you June 26-29!


Jackie Cooley-Finger,
Your SCACTE President

2015 Award Winners-SCACTE
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SCACTE Award Winners 2015

SCACTE Advocate of the Year
Gloria Graves

SCACTE Administrator of the Year
Sherri Yarbrough

SCACTE Career Guidance Award
Crishell Bass

SCACTE Business of the Year

SCACTE Post Secondary Teacher of the Year
Tena B. Crews

Carl Perkins Community Service Award
Katrina Haynes

SCACTE New Teacher of the Year
Teresa Hayden

SCACTE Business Leader of the Year
Mark Richardson

SCACTE Teacher of the Year
Rosemary Bianchi

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