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The Value of Membership

* Offer a collective, strong voice
* Access to relevant and current information
* Recognition of profession
* Provider of professional development
* Trusted access to wisdom

The Benefits of Belonging

* Is your voice on issues that are important to you
* Facilitates your networking needs with colleagues across the state on different issues
* Keeps you current professionally

Why Join Your Organization?

* Protect your livelihood
* Keep current on the latest information and techniques
* Network with experts across the state
* Be part of your professional group

President’s Message
It is indeed an honor to serve as President of the South Carolina Association of Career and Technical Education Association. This is a very crucial time as Career and Technical educators in the state of South Carolina, as well as nationally. Currently, the job market is becoming a more global market place; therefore more demand is placed on our students’ preparation, in addition to the funding issues both at home and nationally. It is imperative that we continue to work together as a team to bring awareness to the importance of Career and Technical Education. This year we will focus on two goals:

 · The growth of our organization through increasing membership.
 · Increase the awareness of the value of career and technical education and its ability to solve some of the job market issues.

I would like to thank Linda Padgett, President , the Board Members from 2012-2013 and Ray Boland,  our Executive Director for their hard work in keeping this organization solvent and moving forward. I look forward to having a very successful year. It is up to us to ban together to make sure our voices are heard, for our students sake!

Johnny Murdaugh, SCACTE President
SCACTE Award Winners 2013
SCACTE Teacher of the Year
Twanda D. Addison

Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Barnett Carswell

SCACTE Career Guidance
Debbie Parsons

SCACTE Outstanding Career and Technical Educator
Dr. Richard D. Kalk

SCACTE Outstanding Teacher in Community Service
Robert Bollier

Image Award
Anthony Dillon

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Raymond (Ray) Davis, Jr.

Award of Merit
Chef Miles Huff
MTU-Tognum America

Policy Makers of the Year
Representative P. Michael Forrester
Senator Vincent A. Sheheen
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