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President’s Message
One Man’s Vision

I recently had a great opportunity to visit a career and technical education program at James Madison High School in urban San Antonio, Texas. Specifically this was the Agricultural Education program and was situated on 22 acres next to the main high school campus. James Madison is a large 6A high school, which dwarfs anything found in South Carolina. What impressed me the most was how one man’s vision was completely supported and carried through by their school district. The program had 5 livestock barns, state of the art livestock show ring that mimics many school gymnasiums, fully equipped veterinary science lab facilities with surgical equipment, roof top garden, refrigerated meat processing lab with vacuum seal technology for the meats processing curriculum, state of the art aquaculture laboratory, along with many others.

Not only were the facilities comparable to many college campuses and industrial facilities, the campus was fully sustainable and largely utilized renewable resources. A large silo was built to catch and store all roof water runoff and solar panels were strategically placed to maximize energy efficiencies. What was more impressive than the facilities were the students enrolled in the program. There are approximately 750 students who CHOOSE to be in the program. The teachers personally interview each student and are selected based on personal interests. The students I encountered were very knowledgeable, respectful, proud, and enthusiastic about their facilities and the curriculum offered in their program. By no means is the James Madison High School Agriculture Program a perfect mold for every school district, however it is a model of what career & technical education can do for students. They are equipped with skills that make them very competitive and successful on a global job market. Needless to say, this program was very inspiring and gave me a glimpse of what South Carolina Career & Technical Education can look like in the coming years.

June is finally here. As we say good-bye to another school year, we can also welcome opportunity to RECHARGE our professional teacher battery. What a perfect way to do just that at the SC Education Business Summit coming up June 21- 24, 2015! Come relax, unwind, and enjoy time with fellow educators and RECHARGE your teacher toolbox with innovative ideas from businesses and educators during alike. I would also like to invite you to our first annual EBS and SCACTE Networking Social. Join us Monday, June 22 at the Greenville Drive for an exclusive event to help you further un-wind and RECHARGE with your colleagues. Look for an invitation with details at the Summit. It will surely be a great time.

I have enjoyed serving as your SCACTE President this past year and I look forward to seeing you all do great things for your career & technical education students in the future

Meghan M. Wood, Ph.D
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