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President’s Message

Jackie Cooley-Finger

Greetings SCACTE Family,

 Thank you to all who attended the National Policy Seminar under the leadership of Ron Roveri. Many South Carolina advocates made their rounds on Capital Hill.

 The new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed on December 15, 2015. This was the perfect opportunity to become more familiar with the Act and communicate the importance of CTE to Washington. ESSA requires for the first time in law, that all students be taught to college-and-career-ready standards.

 While the new law returns the pendulum of federal overreach and prescription back to state/local control, it has a significant impact on CTE. It supports the secondary school reform by strengthening the integration of academics and CTE.

 The ESSA supports CTE teachers in efforts to improve recruitment, retention, and effectiveness. As a former career guidance counselor, I know that one of the most important requirements of my job was to schedule CTE teachers to visit high school students. I took advantage of this opportunity anyway it was presented whether classroom presentations, lunchroom presentations or a career fair. It is imperative that career guidance counselors take the extra time to arrange themselves and CTE teachers to share CTE with students as well as parents. I challenge you to get out and spread the importance of CTE to all stakeholders!

 As we visit others and share CTE, it is always uplifting to surround ourselves in a community of career and technical education professionals. With that being said, I look forward to seeing you at the SCACTE Education and Business Summit as we gather in Greenville, SC, June 26-29. This professional development allows us to learn best practices, connect with our own, and my favorite – recognize and award South Carolina CTE Educators for the hard work that goes on behind closed doors.

 Once again, thank you to all of you who represented us in Washington. As we all know, this is a visit that doesn’t allow for much down time. We appreciate the many steps you made for South Carolina CTE educators.

Jackie Cooley-Finger,
Your SCACTE President

2015 Award Winners-SCACTE
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SCACTE Award Winners 2015

SCACTE Advocate of the Year
Gloria Graves

SCACTE Administrator of the Year
Sherri Yarbrough

SCACTE Career Guidance Award
Crishell Bass

SCACTE Business of the Year

SCACTE Post Secondary Teacher of the Year
Tena B. Crews

Carl Perkins Community Service Award
Katrina Haynes

SCACTE New Teacher of the Year
Teresa Hayden

SCACTE Business Leader of the Year
Mark Richardson

SCACTE Teacher of the Year
Rosemary Bianchi

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