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President’s Message
    Recently, Governor Nikki Haley challenged citizens of South Carolina to perform “random acts of kindness” during the holiday season and to share their stories on social media. When I heard of this on the local news, I reflected on a few occasions when I have been able to give and receive such acts of kindness. I remember thinking to myself that it was neat going through the drive through and not paying for my lunch then being able to give back to the next person in line, hoping they would pay it forward as well. What kind of impact do such random acts of kindness have on you? Are you a person who enjoys giving to others? What if we could bottle the benefits of being involved in SCACTE and ACTE and give it to others just as we would pay for someone’s meal at the drive through?

   As an educator, I try to embody the mindset of giving to others when I can. When I was an agriculture teacher, my heart was filled when I could provide a deserving student with their FFA jacket if their family could not afford one or making a phone call to a parent of a student with many discipline issues just to tell them of the positive behavior I had seen in class that day. As a teacher, I sought ways to impact my students through little acts of kindness, not for my benefit, but for theirs. It is those random acts of kindness that make my heart smile the most.

   Another thing that makes my heart smile is seeing hard working teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and industry supporters rewarded for their efforts and impact they have on our CTE students. Recently, several SC educators won top honors as ACTE Region II award winners and were recognized at the 2014 Career Tech Vision Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. These individuals represented South Carolina career and technical educators well.  South Carolina ACTE was also recognized as a Quality Assurance Award winner at the national conference in Nashville. This national award signifies the level of service and commitment that SCACTE provides to its members as well as the way in which the SCACTE executive board advocates for career and technical education in South Carolina.

   Awards are only a portion of the many benefits that membership in SCACTE and ACTE. Whom have you told lately about the benefits of membership? Do you know a new CTE teacher who may need resources for their classroom? Do you know a teacher who is a leader and would be willing to serve the CTE community?  Is sharing the benefits of membership in SCACTE and ACTE not a random act of kindness? I am always grateful for the mentor who told me the value of joining and becoming involved in professional organizations such as SCACTE.  He went out of his way to let me know it was my duty to be a part of a professional organization as a teacher. How could I tell my students of the importance of being a FFA member, if I was not fulfilling my duty to join my professional organizations? 

   I challenge you to find a fellow teacher, administrator or guidance counselor who is not a member of SCACTE and tell them we need them to join the organization that gives them a louder voice on the local, state and national level.

    In conclusion, December is the time to spread the Christmas cheer. As you prepare your students for exams and your psyche for a much needed (and deserved) mid-year break, please spread the ACTE cheer by doing a few random acts of kindness for your fellow CTE educators.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”- Aesop

Meghan M. Wood
SCACTE President

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ACTE Region II
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SCACTE Award Winners 2014

SCACTE Champion of Year
Senator Wes Hayes

SCACTELifetime Achievement Award
Mr. Wayne Chapman

SCACTE Administrator of the Year
Dr. Beyonka Wider

SCACTE Career Guidance Award
Mr. Don Weaver

SCACTE Business of the Year
Microburst Learning

SCACTE Post Secondary Teacher of the Year
Dr. Tom Dobbins

Carl Perkins Community Service Award
Fran Kalk

SCACTE New Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Michelle Campbell

SCACTE Business Leader of the Year
Kim and Marshall Millican
Al Reid

SCACTE Teacher of the Year
Marcelle Boland

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