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President’s Message

Jackie Cooley-FingerI am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your SCACTE President. In 1984, Dr. Sam Greer, professor at Winthrop College (then), convinced me to change my major to Distributive Education. That decision basically painted my entire professional career. I started my career in 1986 as a Marketing Teacher. I left the classroom to become a Placement Coordinator then a Guidance Counselor.  I believe EVERY student can benefit from career education. I believe that’s why President Obama wants to make two years of community college free for responsible students. South Carolina is at the forefront putting career education first. The 2015 South Carolina Education Business Summit was the perfect example of this endeavor. I saw educators coming together with South Carolina business and industry to meet 21st century challenges and assist South Carolina students to be prepared for the workforce. Partnerships were a driving force at the summit.

ACTE executive director, LeAnn Wilson, recently sent me an email that I think is worthy of mentioning. Mrs. Wilson had attended a White House event titled “Celebrating Innovations in Career and Technical Education” on June 30, 2015. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at this event. Students, educators, and business leaders were in attendance. Her support of career and technical education was evident in the remarks by First Lady Obama. She included in her keynote remarks, “CTE programs like these are good for our students, because they can learn new skills and find their passion, they’re good for businesses because they can tap into a pipeline of skilled talent, and they’re good for our country because these programs help us grow our economy, compete with other countries and unleash the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.”

While every state continues to meet educational goals, South Carolina is striving to make education and training the highest priority, so workers will be competitive in the job market, and employers will have a first-class workforce to compete in the global economy. How can we as educators contribute to this endeavor? There are many answers to this question but I believe being a part of an organization and utilizing the power of “we”, together our voices are heard. I encourage every educator to join SCACTE. This organization will open many doors for you. SCACTE allows you to grow as a professional while establishing lifetime relationships. I have been a member of my professional organization since 1987. I cannot stress enough the importance of this decision. Looking back over my career, I can’t believe the opportunities that I would have missed had I said “no” to SCACTE. Please join this organization. You will gain knowledge to use in your profession while building lifetime friendships.

I look forward to serving as your SCACTE President this year. Thanks again SCACTE for this opportunity.

 Jackie Cooley-Finger

2015 Award Winners-SCACTE
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SCACTE Award Winners 2015

SCACTE Advocate of the Year
Gloria Graves

SCACTE Administrator of the Year
Sherri Yarbrough

SCACTE Career Guidance Award
Crishell Bass

SCACTE Business of the Year

SCACTE Post Secondary Teacher of the Year
Tena B. Crews

Carl Perkins Community Service Award
Katrina Haynes

SCACTE New Teacher of the Year
Teresa Hayden

SCACTE Business Leader of the Year
Mark Richardson

SCACTE Teacher of the Year
Rosemary Bianchi

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